• Largest volume Frama franking machines

    Frama Franking Machines Matrix F82

    Frama Matrix F82
    Franking Machine

    The only high volume franking machine made by Frama. The Matrix f82 is a much less powerful machine than the other high volume franking machines that the other manufacturers provide. However it is still a very capable machine.

  • Frama franking machine perks

    Never guess or overpay your postage ever again. With a option of a integrated scales, you can calculate exact postage every time.

    No more last minute trips down to the Post Office with your very own office franking machine. All day, every day with your machine.

    Instant access to UK and overseas Royal Mail franking prices, at the touch of a button.

    Keep your postage funds secure with pin code protection on all your accounting or departmental accounts.

    Capable of printing all current, 2014 postage costs. For all different envelope and package sizes.

    Save money, convenience and more efficient mail. With incredible advertisement slogans, these are some of the many franking machine advantages.

  • Knowledge about Frama & their franking machines

    Frama are possibly one of the least recognized franking machine manufacturers in the world, as they have not been around for as long as other suppliers, but they are still recognised by most people. You will be able to find many positive and negative reviews about them on the internet. This is because Frama have been manufacturing franking machines for over 40 years and they are at the forefront of technology.

    For these reasons, Frama can manufacture very reliable and useful franking machines, either Mailmark or Smart Meter compatible. Here at Franking Machine Warehouse, we can simply bring you the latest high quality products they produce, without having anything to do with Frama.

    Some of their very latest products are very high quality and useful for many businesses. This includes the level entry Ecomail franking machine, all the way to the Matrix F range/series. Learn more About Frama here.

  • Other available options to Frama franking machines

    Mailstart PlusMailcoms Mailstart Plus franking machine
    This is the entry level small office franking machine by Mailcoms. Recommended for those sending 30 items.
    MailbaseMailcoms Mailbase franking machine
    This is the most popular franking machine for users that are graduating from a entry level franking machine.

    These franking machines are recommended on the basis of similarities to the current range of Frama franking machines. The machines above are re manufactured Pitney Bowes machines to allow for that extra bit of mail to be sent out on a daily basis. The above machines are manufactured originally by Pitney Bowes. But are the copyright property of Mailcoms ltd which have been voted the UK’s no.1 franking machine supplier and maintainer. Both the franking machines above are manufactured and supplied by a Royal Mail authorised supplier and maintainer.

  • About Frama

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